Happy New… International Year of Co-operatives!!!

The Pittsburgh Organizing Committee for the UN International Year of Co-operatives (aka the IYCPOC) welcomes you to the start of an exciting year for co-operatives! Our mission is to educate, advocate, and celebrate the co-operative business model throughout the Pittsburgh and Southwestern Pennsylvania communities in 2012. We are a group of all volunteers from around Pittsburgh with a diversity of backgrounds, who are all passionate about how co-ops can help build not just a better world, but a better Pittsburgh.

Here are some of our goals and plans for 2012:

  • put together and teach a “Co-ops 101” workshops in communities, career centers, universities, existing co-ops, and through small business development centers across the Pittsburgh area, to educate about why co-operatives are a solid solution for community economic development and for creating a “local, living economy” in our region
  • serve as a gathering point for people who wish to start up co-operatives in the area, to find a network of the talent, tools, and support they might need
  • create a SWPA Co-op Directory to encourage consumers to “shop co-op” in our region
  • to have a gala style event celebrating SWPA’s co-ops toward the end of the year, involving guest speakers, food and libations, where folks can meet and greet representatives from all types of the region’s most successful co-ops
  • meanwhile, while all of the above is in development, update this website (iycpoc.wordpress.com) frequently, listing events for cool co-op related activities happening independently throughout Pittsburgh this year!  Subscribe to our RSS feed and you’ll be sure to keep up-to-speed on all the awesome things co-ops are up to this year.

IYCPOC already held an IYC Kick-off Mixer at the Big Idea Co-operative Bookstore on November 4, 2011, that was a fabulous success, bringing together over 40 members of the community to discuss co-ops, catalyzed by our awesome guest speaker, Ajowa Ifateyo.  From that event, the IYCPOC has expanded, doubling in member size!

Together, we are deeply committed to our mission, but we will not succeed unless we co-operate!  We invite you to join us in helping to reach our goals to educate, advocate and celebrate co-operatives in 2012.  Please click on the “About Us” tab above to get in contact.

Thanks, happy new year, and happy co-operating!

About iycpoc

International Year of Co-operatives Pittsburgh Organizing Committee (IYC POC) is a group of individuals from local co-ops committed to uniting cooperatives in the Pittsburgh area in celebration of the United Nations–declared "International Year of Cooperatives" in 2012, and beyond. Our kick-off celebration event will be held in the fall of 2011. In 2012, IYC POC aims to create an informational directory of local co-ops for public reference. Throughout the year, we will advocate the co-op model and raise awareness about worker, consumer, and housing co-ops through informational releases as well as events such as the co-op show-off and how-to workshops. To learn more or to get involved, e-mail info.iycpoc [at] mail.com
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